What is App Opener? Gain More Subscribers

What is App Opener? Gain More Subscribers

For the first time you will be hearing the name App opener which is also known by another name App Opener link generator. Using this, any app is opened on the direct mobile app instead of the Instagram browser. Today in this post we will get information about this internet tricks that what is App Opener? And how can I open any URL on the app? 

This is a special kind of internet tool which is used by social media experts, YouTubers. So that he can send his visitor to the direct YouTube app instead of the browser. YouTube App Opener is the most used in today's time. Because there are many social media that do not allow the link to go to the YouTube App, they open it directly on their browser.

What is App Opener?

App opener is an online tool using which URL of any social media is redirected to Direct App instead of browser. The most famous in this category is AppOpener.net which is made for YouTubers and it is available for free on Chrome, Mobile. It is used the most on social media.

All social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter do not allow any external link to open on other application. In such a situation, people who are YouTuber and have put their link on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook profile. If someone clicks there, then it is not redirected to the YouTube app.

The link opens in the Instagram, Facebook or Twitter browser itself. In such a situation, the developers created a web application whose App Opener is kept. YouTubers convert their links into YouTube App redirection with the help of App Opener link generator using this application. With this the direct link opens on the app.

Advantages of App Opener:

Many people have made app opener out of which some are paid and some are free but opener.digibusi.in is the only tool. Which is completely free and hundreds of people are using it. YouTubers can take a lot of benefit from appopener.net.

  • With the help of this, YouTuber can open the channel URL on the direct app.
  • You can open the link from Instagram on the direct app.
  • This is a free tool.
  • You will get freedom from browser restriction.
  • If more clicks come from your Instagram profile, then you can increase traffic and increase subscribers by sending the user to the direct app.
  • By opening the Bio link on the direct app, the target audience will go where you want to send.

How to use App Opener?

If you are a YouTuber then you must use it, its benefits are many. It is a web application so there is no need to download and setup it. You can generate a link for your YouTube channel by opening it directly. Here we tell through some easy steps how you can use YouTube app opener.

Step 1. First of all you go to app opener website.

Step 2. Copy the URL of your YouTube channel.

Step 3. Now paste the URL of the channel on the App opener link generator and click on the GENERATE button.

Step 4. Now you enter one of your Email Id and click on Send OTP button.

Step 5. An OTP will be sent to the email, enter it and click on Verify.

Step 6. Now the URL has been generated for your channel one. copy it.

Step 7. Use this URL instead of website or raw url on any social media.

Can I use it on phone?

There is a question of many people whether they can use it on the phone or not, yes yes absolutely can opener.digibusi.in is a platform independent tool, it can be used on Android, iPhone anywhere. It opens directly on the browser, for this no app or extension will have to be downloaded.

Friends, we have learned here what is App opener and how a YouTuber can take advantage of it. If you have a YouTube channel then you must use it. With this, you will definitely get to see some % growth in the channel and the visitors who are unable to go to your mobile app due to social media restrictions and are unable to become subscribers, will be able to convert them into your subscribers.


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