App Opener Link Generator

App Opener Link Generator

What is an App opener link generator?

App opener link generator helps social media influencers to generate custom links for social media profiles including YouTube, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter etc. You all know that if we take the link of a YouTube channel on Instagram or Facebook profile. So whenever a user clicks on it, the link gets opened in their browser, due to which there is a lot of problem.So for this we have created an App opener link generator. With which any creators can send their users to the App directly from any social media profile link.

How does the App Opener link generator work?

  • Step 1. Open website in browser.
  • Step 2. Paste your social media profile link (example - YouTube channel Url).
  • Step 3. Enter email id
  • Step 4. Click on the generate button and check OTP on email (2 to 5 second).
  • Step 5. Now your direct in App lin generated.

Is it FREE?

Yes, App opener is 100% free to all.

We help you gain more followers on socials by enabling users to open a link directly in an app instead of an in-app browser.


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